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Fashion Consultant: VIVIAN HUBERTA


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[email protected] (Batam Branch Office)


We have been dealing with apparel business more than ten years. Our main product is UNIFORM WEAR, with the trade mark, Van Huberta.

Supported by solid management, research and development, as well as high dedication and loyalty of employees, we growth and develop hand in hand with our loyalty partners.

Our home industry located in Medan, North Sumatra. We do orders from local and others city.

We are dedicated to providing you, the top quality apparel at affordable pricing.
We offer the latest innovation in group uniform, such as, hotel, restaurant, hospital, school uniform, food industry, the Outlet Store, Official Uniform and more... To submit your inquiry, we believe that timely contact and respond can make a difference. Our marketing officer, designer and support staff are here available to serve you with your requirement. We can custom designs for your uniform, your color and your product or company logos.

Please contact our Marketing Officer by line :
- Marketing : line id : vanhuberta
- Customer Care : line id : vanhuberta

Email or simply click [email protected]

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